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For couples who want something real.

more than pretty shots

Redefine Engagement Photos


Engagement Photos

So you want to celebrate your engagement with photos that are a little bit different. And you want to have fun and make memories while you’re at it. Maybe you also want…

Do yourself a favor &

Lean into what
feels good

Do yourself a favor and

Lean into what feels good


The best photos are made when couples feel comfortable and they’re having fun. Find an engagement photographer that understands this and you’ll find elevated engagement photos.

get lost in yourselves

... and make something Real together.

... and make something
Real together.

real engagement photos

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Cozy Coffee Shop

Jess and Troy

Home Session

Shumaila and Patrick

Arrington Vineyards

Katie and Corey

*The most frequently used words from my Google Reviews.

So, what's it like?

Reviews from Couples

You've been on dates, right? That's the feel.

*The most frequently used words from my Google Reviews.

While you lean into what feels good, you’ll receive on-the-fly creative suggestions from your photographer to make the most of your photos. Expect to laugh and swoon through a blend of candid and posed photography for documentary vibes alongside editorial energy.

The #1 word people use to describe the “Fancy Pants Experience” is comfortable. The second is amazing.

The Engagement Session Process:

Find Something Exciting to Do

  • Discover new experiences or revisit something familiar

Invite an Experienced Photographer

  • For suggestions, support, and help making pictures look effortless

Get Amazing
& Authentic Photos

  • Relive your memories with breathtaking engagement photos

It's that simple.
Contact for booking.

  • Say hello > Set a date > Have an awesome engagement session.

Pricing and FAQ:

My engagement sessions yield 25-50 fully-edited photos that deserve to be showcased in an album. I often deliver many more than that but this is a good benchmark.

They’ll be delivered to you in an online gallery for viewing, sharing, and downloading. You will have the freedom to print your photos from wherever you wish.

Anywhere. I’m always down for an adventure. I’ve shot all around the eastern US. My favorite places I have shot so far include Nashville, TN, Atlanta, GA, and Indianapolis, IN. 

Sure is! Your patronage supports my whole family. It’s a little spooky sometimes to realize our entire livelihood is tethered to my photography, but God is good and so we remember not to worry. [Psalms 23:1]

First and foremost you get my experience, my style, and my story telling abilities. You can expect to receive all professionally edited photographs with the freedom to print anywhere. And you will get to see a handful of the photos we take within just the first couple of days of your session (and maybe even the same day…)

Some wedding collections come bundled with things like engagement sessions, so be sure to check those out if you think you might like wedding photography, too.

Engagement sessions are $450 for 85% of my couples and include all the bells and whistles. For the remaining 15% of adventurous couples, pricing is assessed on a case by case basis. 

Included in every session: Optional session planning, up to two hours of shooting, all the wonderful photos we make, and the freedom to print your photos anywhere you’d like. 

Many clients choose book a wedding collection that includes an engagement session, which come with with ample coverage, additional photographers, videography, custom wall art, and my signature heirloom album to keep their memories in. 

Sure do. Did you know that if your photographer isn’t insured and causes damage to something during your session that you pay the price? Yikes. While I’ve never had to issue a claim, having insurance offers me (and my clients) a nice peace of mind so my creativity remains unhindered.

A la carte options include engagement sessions, a second photographer, custom wall art, and my signature heirloom photo album.

After we setup a meeting in person or on the phone, you’ll receive a custom payment portal online where you can sign our contract and make payments via credit card. I also take checks if you prefer. Monthly, quarterly, and custom payments are available.

Nashville Engagement Photographer,

Buddy Hallavant:

In a nutshell: Husband, father, photographer, videographer, espresso, thunderstorms, doughnuts, pawn shops, golf, heist movies, snow

My vision for you: For you to have fun and feel beautiful while we photograph the scenes of your relationship in a creative and comfortable way.

Driving Elements: Vintage cameras, sunsets, movement, warmth

Style & mood: True to life colors, crisp detail, candid moments

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Engagement Photo Ideas

Think outside of the park

Think outside
of the park

Are you ready to celebrate your engagement in a truly unique and unforgettable way? Check out this curated list of experiences that’ll leave you with lasting memories and amazing engagement photos.

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This thing is epic! This guide took several years of first-hand experience to put together and serves as a "crystal ball" for brides.

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