Wedding Plans You Should Discuss with Your Partner First

Most of the time all the planning falls in one lover’s lap, but here are four plans that should be made together! Let’s jump right in.

Two Minds are Better Than One

1. FOOD!

While you may want to choose something inexpensive or, on the other hand, something to impress your guests, make sure you talk to your fiancé first. You wouldn’t want to accidentally order something they hate. They’ll probably also know more about their family’s possible allergies or issues. While maybe not the most important aspect of your big day, no one wants to spend their day hungry!

2. Music and Dancing

Even if your future spouse couldn’t care less about music in general, it might be a good idea to include them on planning your dance numbers. Be sure to ask if they want to include the traditional dances at the reception including the mother/son, father/daughter, and, of couse, your first dance. Ask them if they like to choreograph, take lessons, or just practice! They might surprise you!

3. Vows

To some this is actually the most important part of the day – taking your wedding vows. Most officiants will have the standard vows ready for you to repeat but lots of people like to write their own. Ask your partner what they think! You can just stick with the call and response vows, you can do that plus your own, or you can just recite your own.

There are also tons of alternative vows you can find online if the traditional ones seem stale to you. We’ve seen couples play each other songs they wrote, recite favorite poems, and we’ve seen weddings with no vows at all. It’s your big day so you decide! Just be sure to let your partner in on the plans, too!

4. Your Photographer

While it might seem like a one person job to choose a photographer, there are actually a few good reasons to go at it together. First, you should both like your photographer’s style. Every photographer has a different style of shooting, positioning, lighting, and editing. So make sure you both look through their portfolios and enjoy the pictures they take – these will be one of the few things that you keep from your wedding day!

You’ll also want to meet your photographer and make sure that you’re both comfortable with him/her. You will both be spending hours of your wedding day with this person so it’s best if you both feel comfortable around them. Men can be especially uptight in front of a camera (maybe because they tend to take fewer selfies than us?) so if your groom isn’t used to being the center of attention, your pictures will definitely turn out better if they are comfortable with your photographer!

We know planning can be stressful but don’t forget to enjoy it, too! Sample cake together, make a date of touring a venue, and enjoy some quality time before you tie the knot!

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