Buddy is quite simply amazing. After seeing his work we knew that we needed to book him! He has a glowing spirit and is an amazing photographer to work with, especially on the most stressful of days.
— Kerri R.

No one wants to stress and worry about important details.

Hiring a photographer is a huge decision. The wrong choice could have your wedding day forgotten or misremembered. Even with a talented photographer, will you be comfortable if their personality is stiff and awkward? With Fancy Pants Wedding Photography, you’ll find yourself feeling good, having fun, and making great photos.

On your wedding day you want to relax, live, be with friends and family, and be busy loving on your soulmate.

We understand what is important to you.

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Human connection matters! We believe the best photos come when we have a relationship with our clients. We want to know you and what you are all about so that we can infuse your passions into our photography to showcase what matters most to you. There’s a high chance we become friends after this.



With a decade into the photography game, there are few tricks left to learn. There isn’t a scenario that could prevent us from making a great photo. In addition, we understand that everyone at your wedding is part of a team. We know how to work efficiently with wedding planners, venues, videographers, and even the in-laws.

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We are licensed and insured. You can rest in the fact that your photos will make their way safely into your arms. When the time comes to print your photos, you will find that our products are tested, professionally eyeballed, and guaranteed to meet heirloom quality standards so that your legacy can remain for generations.

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Meet Up

First, free coffee. This is when we get to hear all about who you are and what you’re all about. No business. Just human things.

Team Up

Next, you get to drop your worries and frustrations forever. We will combine your vision with our expertise to give you the perfect wedding you deserve.

Glasses Up

Finally, you get married, raise up your champagne, and jet off to your honeymoon. We’ll be right here crafting your memories for when you return.

Every bride wants their wedding day to be perfect, but that can easily get overwhelming and frustrating. Our photographers allow you to focus on what is important while we capture the memories you’re making. When you don’t have to worry about details, you’ll feel free to enjoy what matters.

We know that you want to have the wedding of your dreams.

In order to do that, you need reliable professionals to ensure your memories are captured the right way. The problem is, that can be difficult to accomplish and can invite stress into everything even before your big day.

We believe you deserve your perfect wedding day.

We understand choosing your photographer is a big decision which is why we are happy to boast over 10 years of photographic experience that is backed by brides everywhere.

Packages Starting at $2500

Buddy was an absolute dream to work with! He made a point to get to know what we really wanted out of our pictures and made it a reality.
— Julia H.
Easy going, professional, and fun. Buddy has a way of making everything feel just right. Our photos represent us 100%!
— Jasmine R.
We felt super comfortable and had tons of fun during our session. We are so looking forward to more of the same for our wedding!
— Kelsey G.

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