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Me in a Nutshell

Christian, husband, father, photographer, Brooklyn 99, chocolate, basketball, Xbox, homebody, Winter, coffee, pawn shops, movies, thunderstorms.

An Introduction...

There’s a big difference between photography and a photographer. Photography merely captures while a photographer creates.

I spend my life creating both for myself and my clients. You’ll find me roaming the wild in a beat up pair of Converse on the hunt for epic photo locations. You’ll hear me chatting with strangers about their winding stories and you’ll probably see us taking impromptu portraits. 

You’ll spot me with laughing couples on location within sunny forests, cozy suburbs, bustling cities, and in the studio. Some of you will experience me smiling and waving my arms to craft perfect moments during your perfect day.

And then, of course, there’s the behind-the-scenes stuff. The countless hours digitally perfecting every image, the creation of heirloom albums and wall art, the phone calls to catch up with old clients, the blogging, the social media curation, and the networking and community with like-minded creatives. Whew. I love it all.

My name is Buddy Hallavant and photography has become intertwined with who I am as a person and I am deeply dedicated to serve my clients with this love of mine. I believe happy people make happy photos, and its with great joy that I create unforgettable images for people by helping them engage in what makes them feel good.

So what you should hear is that I’m a photographer and I’d be stoked to create something with you.

You've Got Questions & I've Got Answers

How many photos do we get?

Hundreds and hundreds.

You won’t know what to do with them all! They’ll be delivered to you in an online gallery for viewing, sharing, and downloading. You will have the freedom to print your photos from wherever you wish.

With this said, being a professional photographer grants me access to unique products that aren’t sold to the general public. There are some seriously stunning ways to showcase your images. I’ll share all about it sometime 😉

What are your rates?

While I offer wedding photography packages, I utilize a unique a-la-carte style pricing for my clients so we can create a collection that fits them perfectly. Everyone is encouraged to customize an existing collection or build something entirely their own. These collections start at $2500. 

Most clients choose to invest more and enjoy additional wedding coverage, additional photographers, videography, their engagement session, custom wall art, and my signature heirloom album to save their memories in.

*10% of our revenue goes to local nonprofits and outreach programs.

Get in touch with me for more detailed pricing information. I am an open book! A quick chat lets me personalize and add value to your package.

Where do you travel?

Anywhere. I’m always down for an adventure. I’ve shot all around the eastern U.S. My favorite places I have shot so far include Nashville TN, Atlanta GA, and Indianapolis IN.

Do you have insurance?

Sure do. Did you know that if your photographer isn’t insured and causes damage to your venue that you pay the price? Yikes. While I’ve never had to make a claim, having insurance offers me (and my clients) a nice peace of mind so my creativity remains unhindered.

Is this your real job?

Sure is! Your patronage supports my whole family. It’s a little spooky sometimes to realize our entire livelihood is tethered to my photography, but God is good and so we remember not to worry. [Psalms 23:1]

What additional services are available?

A la carte options include engagement sessions, a second professional photographer, custom wall art, and my signature heirloom photo album.

What is included in every wedding paackage?

First and foremost you get my experience, my style, and my story telling abilities. You can expect hundreds of photographs with the freedom to print. And I’m a sucker for sneak peeks. You will get to see a handful of the photos we take within just the first couple of days of being married.

How do we book you and pay?

After we setup a meeting in person or on the phone, you’ll receive a custom payment portal online where you can sign our contract, make the 20% deposit, and pay any subsequent payments via credit card. I also take checks if you prefer. Monthly, quarterly, and custom payment plans are available.

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