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There’s a big difference between photography and a photographer. Photography only captures while a photographer creates.

I spend my life creating both for myself and my clients. You’ll find me roaming the wild in a beat up pair of Converse on the hunt for epic photo locations. You’ll hear me chatting with strangers about their winding stories and you’ll probably see us taking impromptu portraits. You’ll spot me with laughing couples on location within sunny forests, cozy suburbs, bustling cities, and in the studio. Some of you will experience me smiling and waving my arms to craft perfect moments during your perfect day.

And then, of course, there’s the behind-the-scenes stuff. The countless hours digitally perfecting every image, the creation of heirloom albums and wall art, the phone calls to catch up with old clients, the blogging, the social media curation, and the networking and community with like-minded creatives.

My name is Buddy Hallavant and photography has become intertwined with who I am as a person and I am deeply dedicated to serve my clients with this love of mine. I believe happy people make happy photos, and its with great joy that I create unforgettable images for people by helping them engage in what makes them feel good.

In short, I’m a photographer and I’d be stoked to create something with you.