Is Your Wedding Going to Be a Disaster?

Is Your Wedding Going to Be a Disaster?

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Is Your Wedding Going To Be A Disaster?

Why did you click this?! Are you worried or stressing about all the things that could go wrong?


Your wedding day is going to be awesome. How do I know? Because at the end of the day, no matter what happens, you get to spend the rest of your life with your best friend. It’s incredible! There are no flaws on a wedding day, only flavors. It’s all about attitude.

I once had a bride have her dress catch on fire. There was a horrible burn along the train and instead of feeling down, we embraced the action! While certainly a heavy moment at first, when you realize that the “bad things” that happen are part of the memory you are crafting, things just feel lighter.

Today, I know for a fact that the bride looks at the photos of her wearing a charred dress and laughs at the “good times”.

With this said, I know there can be a lot of stress surrounding a wedding day. Like…

Here is what could go wrong:

1. The Schedule

Getting off the ever-important, holy schedule is a right of passage it seems. I’d say 98% of the weddings I shoot end up off-schedule. Read that again.

But if your priorities are in line (remember that your wedding is about your marriage and not a timeline), everything will be gravy. Even so, I always like to recommend crafting some wiggle room into the schedule just in case.

Usually things can be moved around. It’s not the end of the world if hair and make-up take thirty minutes longer than planned.

It’s okay if dinner is late. It’s fine if you want to push your schedule to enjoy an organic moment that is happening. Embrace the power!

2. Someone you hired to do a thing doesn’t show up…

This one sucks! I won’t lie. But, look at the upside- if this one happens, you don’t have to pay them now! We know that caterer not showing up sounds like the end of it all but keep things in perspective – it’s totally not.

You still get to marry that person that you are madly in love with! (And maybe get to say you ordered 50 pizzas on your wedding day?) Plus don’t forget that your friends and family are there to celebrate you – not to be fed or entertained. They just want to help your celebrate this incredible day!

3. Bad Weather…

Rain is said to be good luck on your wedding day but it can be a real bummer if you’re planning an outdoor wedding with no backups in place. But good luck’s gotta be worth something right? In any case, you can do what this adorable bride did and lean into it – you might just end up with some super cute rain pics!

For real. I’ve shot too many weddings to count. The weddings that turn out the best are the ones where the bride and groom are focused on each other. Attitude is everything. Prioritize the fact that you are getting married and let the rest just happen. Whatever comes of your day, you’ll have your own unique memories to cherish forever.

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