5 Things to Do Before the Big Day

5 Things to Do Before the Big Day

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5 Things to Do Before the Big Day

Even if you’ve already got your entire wedding planned, there are a few things that you need to do just to say you did them. Things to remind you that even if the wedding isn’t absolutely perfect, you still get to marry the love of your life!

Don’t forget to have fun while stressing out about place settings and invitation fonts!

1. Cake Testing

As a couple of 20 year old kids planning a wedding on a TIGHT budget, we were absolutely thrilled to find that we could just walk into Publix, tell them that we were getting married, and walk out with an entire box of cake and icing samples. What could be better than free cake?

2. Engagement Photos

No matter how long you’ve been engaged, looking back, this time always seems to have flown by. Embrace it and do what you can to remember it. Engagement photos are the perfect way to be sure that you have something to look back on.

How fun would it be to have photos taken at the spot you got engaged, your first date location, or somewhere else that has been special and unique to your relationship?

Also remember that you don’t have to take them the day, month, or even year you get engaged. These are pictures to commemorate your transition from dating to betrothed! Take them when and where you please.

3. Talk About the Big Stuff

Not to get too serious, but make sure that before you get hitched, you know what you’re hitching yourself to!

Just kidding. But be sure that you and your partner have similar hopes and dreams on things like where you’ll live after getting married, having kids, and big career plans.

Personally, we went to premarital counseling and are so glad we did! There we took personality tests and discussed our personalities, the best ways to communicate considering our personality types, and how to support each other meaningfully. We think it made a huge impact and we started off with such a great foundation to build on!

4. Enlist Help

The last thing you want to do is feel stressed or overworked on your wedding day. You’d be surprised how happy and even grateful friends and family are to be involved and get to be a part of your wedding.

Find people to help set up, clean up and run errands on the day. Having someone “on-call” to help or run out for you if you’ve forgotten something can give you great peace of mind!

5. Make Something

Even if you aren’t crafty or creative, you will thank yourself in 30 years for having done this. Make something to help future-you remember this time before being married. If you’re crafty – scrapbooks, albums, collages are all great!

If you aren’t into that you could try keeping a journal and just sticking photos in. There are some great apps like 1 Second Everyday that can be fun too!

Even if you aren’t able to do any of these things, remember to slow down every now and then and enjoy this sweet time in your life – it will fly by!

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